Thursday, February 28, 2013

Alien Bust Sculpt

Every now and then, it helps to practice.  Practice makes perfect right?  We learn new things everyday.  I decided to just play around with sculptris abit at work the other day, and made this model of an alien:

Not too bad.  I had fixed a lot of things along the way though, and then thought.  Why not work on this sculpt and make it a portfolio piece.  I went on to poly painting within sculptris, with custom brushes. This is a preview in Sculptris:

This is great and all but I got carried away with the modeling and it turns out I had over a million polys!!!  Placing this model in 3DS Max made it crash always.  So I turned to Zbrush for help.  In Zbrush I used the decimation plugin and it worked like a charm!  Preserving my UVs and bringing my model to 300,000 polys.  Still a pretty huge number, but far better than a million + polygons.
 With all that done, back to max.  In max I applied a SSS Fast Skin shader using the UVs I had made in Sculptris.  Gave my character a 3 pt. lit scene and rendered I used final gather GI and rendered.  The final images were composited using Adobe Photoshop.  This is the final image:


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