Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Look Back: Scenes

These are some of the scenes I created in the past. The 1st and 4th ones I created from photos. The rest I have created using strictly my imagination and concept artwork. The 2nd scene was done for a kids room scene in an animation short, and was meant to be colorful. The kids room scene and the last one were both done in 3dsMax, the rest were all created in Maya.

A Look Back: The Lancelot

This was a model I had made utilizing 3DsMax, which I had later brought into Maya to be riged and animated by a partner who I was working with on a short film at the time. This 3D model came out to more than 30,000 polygons and I was finished with it in about 3 days. Since we weren't going to be using 3DsMax for texturing we just utilized Maya, which was going to be the program to render out the project. The final Image in this series is the final render of what the model was to look like.