Monday, February 1, 2010

Ace Pilot Jube

So, about a week ago I couldn't get this idea off my head and it was about 2 am. I always wanted to create a character based off my kitteh. This time, I felt like going through with it and I am happy that I did because these renders/this model came out very good. The model in itself was a relatively simple one. I think it was the high res textures that made these renders what they are. In another day or so, I will try to take you through a general process as to how I made this. Hope you all like these, I think they came out the way I intended them to. Modeled and Textured in 3DsMax.


  1. How long did it take you? The renders do look awesome! The textures and lighting are really well done. 3d max or Maya? I think the middle of his upper lip should arch up a little higher though.

  2. 2-3 days on and off. This was all done in Max. Yeah, your probably right about that, and all I'd need to do for that is move a vertex so its all good. Will be posting textures under my copyright and other things either today or tomorrow. So, just be on the look out.