Monday, December 28, 2009

'09 speed Painting recap... thoughts and analysis

Today I wanted to look back and see what I have achieved in the 2D Digital art arena. This year it has been a great stepping stone for me in the ways of digital 2D art. I have constantly utilized pen and paper or pencil and paper as a medium for 2D art. But after seeing many artists perform speed paintings over the net, I felt compelled to start a Speed Painting Barrage of art as well. These are a few which I am very pleased with, that I have worked on this past year. I am sure there will be alot more to come, as soon as I fix the problems I have been having with the recording app. But here you go These are the ones that were produced this past year:

What can I say about this one? I really don't know. I was truly amazed when I produced this one. I didn't know I could be capable of creating such a photo realistic illustration in photoshop. I tried to capture the essence of the maniacism of the joker and I think I did it well. The challenges of this one I believe lied in the coat, tie and facial features. I remember going into the pattern within the tie, thinking I just may be crazy. Its the little details like those that test your patience and bring you to the brink of giving out under the pressure. I made sure that all focus was on the joker, so for the bkgd I just used feathered brushes, whereas for the foreground I used sharper brushes. I guess I underestimated myself, as I always do and somehow I come out with stuff like this. But, I am often insecure of how my artwork will turn out, I never put too much hope into a project until the very end. I guess, in some ways this helps me keep going through the curiousity of how the artwork will turn out. You will never know until you reach the prcesses end. Then you can either look upon it with glee, or trash it and start over.

The lil' Wayne speed Painting was an okay one in my opinion. Even though many liked this one on my fan page, every time I kept looking at it, I felt something was wrong. Maybe I was just being to critical, but being critical of your own work helps. For this one I took great time in detailing the different parts of his clothes, especially the tats on his arm. Making the tats on his arm was excruciating. I had to produce them using different opacity until they came out just right, or to my liking. Especially making the rubber band around his wrist was a great feat in my opinion. Its getting the smallest details in that make it so much more satisfyingly awesome. You can only become better if you challenge yourself to become better.

It can only get better from here. I loved working on the Iron Man specifically, it was quite a challenge, but once I started I couldn't stop. The satisfaction you get after accomplishing something such as this is unmatched. You really feel blessed to have such capabilities because they are indeed rare, not many reach this pt. I believe in this work the most challenging area was the chest. Everything seemed to fall into place but this area. There is something about drawing perfect circles that doesn't fly with me. However, I am sure that the rest of this work made up for it, so it didn't matter much. This one did take awhile to finish, and I worked countless hours on it during school time. It was a lot to take in and process mentally, there is alot of detail in the suit. So from time to time, I had to take very long pauses from this one and there were lots of instances where I wanted to call it quits. It wasn't easy, but I went through with it, and I am very happy I did.

When I create something such as these works, I emphasize the amount of detail put into them, because they can either make or break the illustration. I try to be quick with them, but I take care not to rush them at the same time. Rushing a work just means you are losing interest and when that happens, it can only go down hill from there. With school out the way, I have a couple of works in mind, and as soon as I get my recording software up and running again, I will put out as many as I can, while working.